Live the adventures of a wizard apprentice with your fluffy spirit companion!

Are you ready to be a wizard?

Spend joyful days on whimsical story-quests, making friends with other apprentices, mixing potions, casting spells, crafting, chilling with your cat and tending your garden.

Explore Kitori Academy

The enchanting life of a wizard apprentice

Wake up every morning in your modest room and meet other cheerful apprentices and teachers.

Attend lessons to train magical skills such as spell catching, harvesting, potion brewery, crafting and more.

Hang out with new friends in the Dining Hall and help Racoon chef in the kitchen.

Bonding with your spirit companion

Enjoy chilling with your spirit companion, form a strong bond with them by giving them loving pats, treats and playing games.

Your cat will always be there for you.

Explore the academy

Befriend a cast of unique characters, each with their quests and stories to discover and uncover the academy mysteries together.

Enjoy cosy activities such as bug catching, fishing, foraging and cooking.